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Principal Component Analysis
Real-Time Behavior Analysis, Machine Learning, Clustering Analysis, Predictive Analytics
August 23, 2019
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) transforms a group of activites into a set of unique components, where each component has a numerical degree of distance and relatedness from an agreed on centered component. The first component has the... 
What are attack vectors ?
Real-Time Behavior Analysis, Attack Vector Targeting, Threat Hunting, Advanced Persistent Threats
August 12, 2019
In the generalized sense an attack vector is a path or means by which a hacker can gain unauthorized access to an endpoint in order to deliver a payload or to facilitate a crime. Attack vectors enable hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the design of... 
What are network attacks ?
Real-Time Behavior Analysis, Attack Vector Targeting, Threat Hunting
August 11, 2019
Network attacks can be divided into two main categories, active attacks and passive attacks. Active attacks involve a malicious actor actively manipulating the design of a network in order to exploit some sort of vulnerability in a targeted endpoint... 
What is machine data ?
Real-Time Behavior Analysis, Attack Vector Targeting, Data Logging, Operational Intelligence, Internet of Things
August 10, 2019
Machine data is information automatically generated by computer software in the form of a log message, debug message, error message, or status message, as a response to an event. Usuallly the information was generated for the purpose of...