What are network attacks ?
Real-Time Behavior Analysis, Attack Vector Targeting, Threat Hunting
August 11, 2019

Network attacks can be divided into two main categories, active attacks and passive attacks. Active attacks involve a malicious actor actively manipulating the design of a network in order to exploit some sort of vulnerability in a targeted endpoint. Active attacks involve things like packet generation, code injection, man-in-the-middle, and denial of service.

Active AttacksPacket GenerationReplay AttackMasquerading
Code Injection0-day AttackMalwareSpywarePhishing
Packet AlterationMan-In-The-MiddleSession Hijacking
Service CompromiseDenial of ServiceDistributed Denial of ServiceSQL Injection

Passive attacks involve a malicious actor staying hidden while reading and saving information of interest exchanged by various nodes on a network. Passive attacks include things like traffic analysis, traffic sniffing, and key logging.

Passive AttacksEavesdropping & Interception
Traffic AnalysisTraffic SniffingKey Logging